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Although only some wooden churches are nominated as UNESCO sites, Maramures is a whole new world to discover. Traditions have been preserved so well even during Communist times because of the hardships. Unfortunately changes are taking place. Villagers are longing for a better life, and those with the means to do it will gladly change the traditional wooden houses the tourists were so happy to see, for bigger, modern ones. Striped skirts or cotton trousers for men are quickly changing into blue jeans with youngsters, and it is difficult now to see a wedding with the traditional orchestra of guitar, violin and drum. Hurry up and visit Maramures, before its rich heritage will be a thing of the past!

Needlework crafts in Romania

6 Days 5 Nights
Departure from: Cluj Napoca
Needlework workshop by locals
Attend a Sunday mass at a Church
See the only Merry Cemetery
Discover Transylvania’s diversity