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What do you think when you hear the word “ROMANIA” :

Sorry, say that again ?
NADIA COMANECI, the most famous gymnast of all times
DRACULA … errr… no, he lived in Transylvania !
CEAUSESCU, the dictator… 

Well now, it’s probably time to update your information … 
Nadia is a living legend (the pony-tailed 14-year-old girl who over 30 years ago in Montreal captivated the world by winning the first 10
mark in Olympic gymnastics)
Dracula is a legend too - but dead...
Ceausescu … he’s presumed dead…

As for Romania … you’ll discover a country of unquestionable beauty, an island of Latinity in the middle of mostly Slavic-speaking Eastern Europe, an inspiring place for many an artist – if only to mention Constantin Brancusi (father of modern sculpture) who grew up down South and Bella Bartok who drew substance for his musical masterpieces from Northern Transylvania.
There are so many wonderful places, let us discover them together!

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