Turda Salt Mine... a whole city underneath

The beautiful region of Transylvania has much more to offer to its guests than a legend with vampires ... There are cities that knew how to preserve the charm of ancient times, worthy fairy castles, churches that count their age in centuries, but mostly there are miracles of nature that would be stuck forever in the sentimental memory of those who are fortunate enough to admire them.

Among these wonders is essential to mention the Turda Salt Mine, * [ salt mine known and exploited since Roman times, the salt being one of the treasures that  was carried to the Roman Empire after the conquest. The extraction continued even after the Roman withdrawal and continued until the eighteenth century when extraction became the monopoly of the Austro - Hungarian Empire. ]

 * that after extensive modernization it offers unforgettable experiences to its visitors who in the first moments might believe that they’ve arrived on the set of  SF movie or a theme park.

Such as organized today, the mine meets several objectives: firstly, it is an interesting museum of salt mining in Transylvania because the tools used in the extraction are perfectly preserved, offering a realistic image of the hard work involved in the extraction of that precious gift of land.

Secondly it is a wonderful area for taking advantage of the salted air which helps in treating persistent respiratory problems, also in combating the effects of stress or to strengthen the immune system in children, young people or convalescents.

Another equally important function is to provide very pleasant hours to visitors because nowadays it offers among many other attractions the possibility to practice individual or group sports, to admire the great halls from a Ferris wheel or from a panoramic lift glass, rowing on the waters of a dark underground lake or take advantage of some hours at spa.

For children or adults, these great spaces that seem to have been inhabited by legendary giants offer countless breathtaking attractions. If we add that in February 2014 the magazine bussinesinsider.com has declared the Turda saline among the ten "coolest" underground places in the world, we believe that we have convinced you that a visit in Salina Turda is a must for your next vacation in Romania.

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