The charm of winter...

Festive Christmas Markets and Ancient Customs.. 

It is winter...Freezing temperatures, cold wind and snow…a lot of snow. Yet…winter has its own charm, this is why we invite you to discover Romania during winter time.
For a day trip from Bucharest, the obvious route will take you to the famous Dracula Castle located in Bran. A steep climb to the castle, with cold wind biting your face, but once you manage to the top, after another round of steep stairways, you will realize it was worth it.
You suddenly feel the history surrounding these places, from the troubling times of the Middle Ages to the tranquility of the beginning of the Century…A lost world but full of charm and poetry…
Elaborate architecture, narrow stairways, hidden halls, secret rooms, breathtaking views from the top, these are the rewards of your trip.
When out of the castle, just go to the shops at the base of the castle. You can warm yourself up with a cup of boiled Tuica.  A magical warm potion (actually plum brandy) that will make you forget the cold. And yes, you can find some hand woven sweaters at a very good price !
And the landscape…nature untouched by man’s hand, scattered with small villages.  Smoke coming out of the chimneys, children laughing and playing outdoors with snow…. Just like an Anderson story coming into life.
everything white…




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