Teoader Barsan, Wood Carver

Pride of well kept tradition  

I am Toader Barsan and I’ve been working here ever since I was 16 ... for half a century now. I have two sons and they both took over me, so now we work together. I don’t even realize how all these years passed... I made so many Maramures wooden-gates that I lost track of them.
A gate may have two to eight gateposts and depending on how large it is and how much carving it needs, it may take three to over twelve month to finish by working twelve hours a day with several carvers.
A gate holds many traditional symbols, like the rosetta (the Sun, the god that gives life), the snake head (protector), the tree of life (symbol of eternal life and link between the past, present and future), the twisted rope (infinity, link between earth and sky).
A traditional gate was not and is not for everyone. Wealthy and noble people only could afford it in the past.
Now I have orders from all over the country and even from abroad. The wood we work in is oak and I am glad and proud to think that our work will last for centuries. My doors are opened for you to visit us, come see our gates !

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