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Bring your notebook and pencils and come to Romania for a unique artistic experience! A sketching tour will offer you the opportunity to magnify your travelling experience, making it more than just another history lesson. Take some time to watch Romania through an artist’s eye and you will sink into the beauty of natural landscapes, picturesque villages and medieval towns. Observing the waving shapes and subtle colours will help you really feel, understand and remember the atmosphere of a special place.


Sketching In Transylvania (8 days)

【Description】: A tour for those willing to discover, draw and take back with you the beautiful landscapes of Transylvania in a once in a lifetime one week travel. We invite you to fall in love with Transylvania.

【Departures】: On request
【Note】: Minor changes can be made to the program, according to the opening hours of the sites included.


Interested in photography?

Special Tours

Come to Romania to catch little instants of life and beauty! Breathtaking sceneries of mountain ridges and deep gorges, vast plains and thick forests, or maybe narrow cobbled streets in old towns and open-air markets bustling with people, they are all waiting for you to capture them forever. Or maybe your attention will be drawn to an old woman sitting in a carriage, a wild flower or a smiling child wearing a folk costume. Their pictures will always tell the story of your own image and experience of Romania.

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