May in Romania: A Perfect Month to Travel Around

After a month of spirituality and traditions, here comes May 1st, Labor Day, one of the biggest secular holidays, dedicated to workers, a day of rest and celebration. There are various types of celebrations across the country for this special day that usually extends over the weekend (more days of food, fun and good company).

One of the most popular choices is a barbeque picnic - May 1st being also the unofficial National Barbeque Day :D. It is the perfect occasion to try the local dish called “mici” (Romanian word for "small things") - made from a mixture of beef, lamb and pork and spices (garlic, black pepper, thyme, coriander and sometimes even paprika), grilled and served usually with fresh white bread, mustard and beer (a perfect combination!). Although this is the Romanian dish of choice for this day, people also prepare other types of grilled meat (chicken legs or wings, pork, different sausages) and ”campfire baked potatoes”, all seasoned with a big vegetable salad (tomatoes, onion, cucumber, bell pepper...).

With such a great start, May is definitely a good month to travel around Romania and fully experience all it has to offer. In May, nature is at its best: Romanian rivers unveil wonderful landscapes as the whirling water passes through some of Europe’s most beautiful gorges. Moreover, since 31% of the country is mountainous, one can take advantage of the big range of landscapes, which includes lakes, mountain peaks, river valleys, gorges, forests, vast plains, caves or even mud volcanoes. Indeed, in Romania one can discover some of the wildest places, that have been left unchanged for many centuries.   

And no sightseeing would be complete without visiting some of the spectacular castles, part of Romania’s rich medieval heritage. Fairytale castles, since they inspired some famous universal novels (“The Castle in the Carpathians" by Jules Verne and "Dracula" by Bram Stoker) :D. Our favourites are the mysterious Bran Castle, legendary home to Bram Stocker's Dracula, the elegant and picturesque 19th century Peleș Castle, decorated with priceless European art, Murano crystal chandeliers and Cordoba leather-covered walls, and the greatest Gothic-style castle in Romania, Corvinești Castle. Why not visit them all?

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