Gheorghe Opris, Water-Mill Owner

Cheers ! Noroc!

My name is Gheorghe Opris but everybody here knows me as Lorintz.
Sirbi is my village in Maramures – a place with many old and beautiful wooden houses.
I am the proud owner of this watermill, that my father built. Villagers grind corn and wheat here.
But this is not only a mill...
We use the power of water to make felt from the sheep-wool woven mats, then we make the heavy but warm and waterproof winter overcoats from it.
We also have a natural washing machine to wash our carpets and wool products in. And finally, we use water to make „horinca” in our own-manufactured distillery (this is a traditional plum/apple/pear brandy). Come and have a drink with us... Noroc !

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