Bucharest and surroundings


Bucharest, the capital and largest city of Romania, has some 2 million inhabitants, a density of over 8.500 souls/sq km (probably highest in Europe) and over 1,4 million registered cars …

Traffic in Bucharest can be hectic. Driving in Bucharest during rush hours could be quite an experience, taking into account the fact that there are more than 1 milion cars registered in the city alone!  More stimulants: over 300 streets and boulevards are undergoing simultaneous and eternal reparation & modernization works; with a few really insignificant exceptions there are no underground or multi-storey parkings … 95% of above-mentioned cars are parked on the streets - on those to be repaired too, which makes works even slower (if eternity can get slower). 


Bucharest IS a city in transformation, starting to rediscover its lost charm. It is a pity that much of the historical city was leveled to make room mostly for the communist type buildings, including the famous `Parliament Palace`. However, there are many treasures waiting for your discovery: narrow cobbled streets, old churches, buildings that are small architectural gems, remnants of `Little Paris` as Bucharest was called once upon a time. 

Come and enjoy the good food and friendly people, the tranquility of nature in Herastrau Park, or experience the Romanian countryside in the middle of the city at the Village Museum. Or take a tour around Bucharest with Mogosoaia Palace and meditate at monasteries like Cernica,  Caldarusani or Snagov, the latter the supposed burial place for Vlad Tepes, the model role of Dracula.

Sightseeing of Bucharest

On the footsteps of Dracula: Snagov Monastery

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