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Founded in 1998 as a 100% privately-owned Ltd. company, EXACT TOURS is a tour operator specialized in incoming activities, our main markets being placed in Asia (Japan, China) and Europe (Spain, Portugal) and South America. We are a medium sized company, with a dedicated, experienced and professional team including Japanese staff. We have both permanent and part-time guides fluent in Japanese, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, etc.

We are one of the fastest growing DMCs in Romania, specialized in business and customized tours for FIT and groups. We offer you originality, helping you discover `hidden treasures`, festivals and traditions, folk art, gourmet and religious tours in both Romania and neighbouring countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova and Serbia.


Exact People

Our Team


Arald Berghianu

does: nothing, he's the GM
speaks: English, French
age: mature
likes: travelling, skiing, diving, rock music, photography

Olivia Berghianu

does: development, creation and bullying everyone to do what they're supposed to do
speaks: English, Japanese
age: undisclosable, she's the "boss"
likes: travelling, skiing, gardening, photography, diving, classical music

Ovidiu Tudor

does: everything, knows everything, he's the "guru"
speaks: English, Spanish, French
age: mature - 4
likes: reading, travelling

Adrian Ene

does: contracts plus incoming from Spain
speaks: English, Spanish
age: mature + 2
likes: football, handball, football, water-polo, football

Alexandra Sacalov

does: incoming from Latin markets
speaks: English, Spanish, Italian
age: evaluating... current ranking "Young and Restless", year 2, episode 129. To Be Continued...!
likes: Coca Cola and Oprah (not sure... or was it Audrey Hepburn? )

Oana Pavaloiu

does: incoming and guiding for the Japanese market
speaks: English, Japanese, French, German
age: really young
likes: Japan

Andrei Neagu


Keiko Kadota

does: polite talking and correspondence with Japanese
speaks: Japanese, isn't that obvious ... check her name !
age: forgot to ask
likes: working, she's Japanese!

Corina Dutu

does: bookings and cancellations (yeap, that too...)
speaks: too much
age: young
likes: drifting (!!!) and psychology plus other banal activities like reading

Razvan Dabuleanu

does: mostly outgoing, but occasionaly helps us run our programs...
speaks: English
age: hmmm... adult?
likes: movies (when not working or baby-sitting)

Ileana Radu

does: saves or spends our money!
speaks: English
age: almost young
likes: accounting (yes, true) and gardening

Adrian Iagaru

does: fast driving and talking
speaks: English
age: young adult
likes: cooking (and tasting too)

Andrei Radu

does: outgoing
speaks: English
age: very young
likes: girl(s)

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