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Buna ziua! Hello!

I was born in Crisan village, in the heart of the Danube Delta.
I spent all my childhood it in the middle of nature, exploring and watching in amazement birds nesting or training their siblings to fly, every imaginable kind of birds, from tiny colorful „Ivan betiv” to big pelicans. I was fishing or even hunting to get food... in summer and winter too, enjoying every season, every moment even, because here in the wilderness people lives are so much linked to nature.
The cannals here are like a labyrinth... but I can take you everywhere with closed eyes. Many things changed since my childhood, but there are many things to do in order to preserve this birds sanctuary so that our childern can benefit from it and see how paradise looks like.
In order to help birds I set up an NGO, called SOS Danube Delta. We got sponsors especially from Japan and made supports for stork nests on top of electricity poles to prevent birds from getting fried up, we repaired and enlarged the floating islands where pelicans nest and lay eggs, fed the birds that were too weak to migrate and remained here over winter, etc. My son is happilly following my lead, he’s helping me and he’s almost as good as me in recognising birds from far away. You are welcome to visit my paradise, you are also welcome to help our projects if you care too ... volunteers are always appreciated. See you. La revedere!.

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