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A surprising country

Although it has been a member of the European Union since 2007, Romania is still one of the relatively unknown countries in Eastern Europe. Long hidden behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ (1945-1989), its heritage emerged scarred and marked by communism.

For those of you interested in architecture and history, our towns and cities will surely fascinate you. Most of them have three distinct facades: an old one (with mostly unrestored heritage buildings, but also some which have been done up), a communist one (with predominantly grey colours and rectangular shapes) and a new one (mostly handsome and comfortable villas, sometimes too flamboyant) all co-existing in a strange harmony. And sometimes, amongst them...

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July in Romania...

The perfect month to drive through the country...

July in Romania

A great choice is the spectacular Transfăgărășan Road: ~100 kilometers of twisting and turning road that only permit the approach of travelers from July till October...  Read More


A different world 

Turda Salt Mine....a whole city underneath

 A small wonder of Transylvania, Turda salt Mine is known and exploited since Roman times, the salt being one of the treasures that  was carried to the Roman Empire after the conquest. Read More





 Visit Two Countries in Two Days! On the Footsteps of Dracula: Snagov Monastery

On Dracula’s footsteps

Ancient myths and history

Visit haunted castles with their maze of narrow passages and Gothic towers, admire the sunset in the superb scenery that surrounds them, look for Vlad the Impaler’s grave at Snagov Monastery or just enjoy Romanian cuisine in the very house where he was born (now a very popular restaurant). Follow the footsteps of the real Dracula and get ready to party: costumes, fun and spooky atmosphere, old customs, medieval knights, monsters, vampires and ancient myths are all here.


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